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Transforming speech therapy

We are a small practice devoted to making big change.


In a world with many barriers and deficit-based interventions, Hana Speech Therapy focuses on strengths and accessibility. We strive to create an atmosphere of inclusivity and empowerment for our patients and families.


As a member of the Mosaic Therapy Collective, in-person services take place at the non-profit, multidisciplinary clinic that provides quality and holistic care in sensory-healthy environments to support regulation and optimize learning. Our teletherapy services make it easy to get quality care from the comfort of your own home.

A neurodiversity-affirming approach

It’s essential for us that our clients and their family get individualized speech therapy services that empower them. Rather than using a disability model that views many patients as “broken,” we believe in the full spectrum of brain organizations as valid and whole. Using a strengths-based approach, we support clients in their journey to live alongside challenges and embrace their differences. 



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Families Communicating Via Video Calls


We provide speech therapy services in-person at the Mosaic Therapy Collective or online through our teletherapy portal, SimplePractice.

If you are able to come into the clinic, we conduct services in comfortable rooms. We have spaces designed specifically for adult clients as well as ones for children including sensory equipment (i.e. climbing gym, swing). 

We know life gets busy! All tele-therapy services are secure, HIPAA-compliant, and private so you can attend therapy from the ease of your own home.

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