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Image by frank mckenna

What does "neurodiversity-affirming" mean?

Neurodiversity-affirming practices are centered on the belief that the neurology (and thus, experience, behavior, and interaction..) of human beings should be different in each person. Values are based on inclusion, acceptance, validation, and celebrating differences as necessary and advantageous to our society.


These practices are strength-based and serve as tools to partner with neurodivergent people to manage challenges imposed by societal barriers to participation in all settings of daily life. They build on unique strengths and empower self-awareness to instill more autonomy for disabled people in a majority world of non-disabled people. 


Neurodiversity-affirming practices do not involve compliance-based or behaviorist practices such as ABA, hand-over-hand assistance, or "social skills groups." We do not see neurodivergence as something to be fixed but rather better understood and valued.

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