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Shadows on the Wall

What does it mean to be "neurotypical?"

The term "neurotypical" refers to the majority group of people in our society who think, act, and communicate in "typical" and socially "normal" ways. Neurotypical people find it natural to do things like make eye contact, take turns in conversation, regulate attention, emotions, and sensory input, sit still, verbalize clearly and intentionally, plan, problem-solve, transition, monitor, and recognize internal body states like hunger and fatigue, work 40 hour work weeks, and overall function within our current society relatively well without many difficulties or barriers.


Neurotypical people are not "bad" or "good" - neither are neurodivergent people. They are just different ways of being that require labels so that neurodivergent people are not labeled as "weird" and further oppressed in a world where neurodivergent people are the minority group and, thus, hold less representation and ultimately power.

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