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Rates & Insurance

At the moment, our services can only be reimbursed by out-of-network insurance providers. We will provide a "Superbill" at the end of each month per client's request for submission to your provider. 

We have set fees for evaluation services that vary according to area of need. We use a sliding scale approach according to each family's socioeconomic bracket to make our services more accessible. 

Peds Eval


Each evaluation is individualized to fit specific areas of need.

Evaluation rates vary according to the complexity and duration of assessments required.

Please inquire about rates.

Pediatric Speech Sound Assessment

Includes formal standardized measure(s) of speech sound production, dynamic and skilled observation/assessment tasks, speech sample, and interview.


Includes standardized qualitative questionnaire (i.e. perception of speech and impact on participation) and quantitative measures of speech "fluency" (i.e. speech sound repetition counts), dynamic assessment tasks, motivational interview, skilled observation, and patient/family interview.

Adult Motor Speech Assessment

Includes standardized measure(s) of motor speech tests, dynamic, functional speech tasks, speech sampling, questionnaire and patient/family interview. 

Pediatric Language Asessment

Includes standardized analytical language processing assessment(s) vs. skilled language sampling and clinical interpretation of gestalt language processing according to language processing type. Includes functional, dynamic assessment tasks, skilled observation, and child/family interview.

Adult Comprehensive Evaluation

Includes all aspects of the cognitive-communication and speech/language assessments crafted to fit specific areas of focus per client (i.e. word-finding, speech intelligibility and memory).

Adult Aphasia Assessment

Includes standardized measure(s) of word-finding and receptive and expressive language skills, functional language tasks,  language sampling, and patient/family interview. 

Pediatric Comprehensive Evaluation

Includes all elements of relevant language and speech assessments listed above. May include stuttering assessment if applicable.


Includes standardized measure(s) of cognitive communication functioning (i.e. memory, attention), dynamic, functional assessments, skilled observation, and patient/family interview. 

Adult Eval


Treatment plans are person-centered and discussed following evaluation or the client's initial treatment. All sessions and services are conducted utilizing evidence-based practices and target individualized goals. We value ASHA's communication bill of rights.

Rates are based on each family's 

socioeconomic bracket as scaled by average household income.

Please inquire about treatment rates.

Low-income bracket

(under $80k annually)


Mid-income bracket

(between $80k-$250k annually)


High-income bracket

(over $250k annually)

*Please, note a 3.15% + $.30 is added to each credit card transaction as a processing fee.



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